Orange Ribbon Walk 2017 – Rise Against Racism

Experience the power of community as Orange Ribbon Walk 2017 brings together people to rise against racism, one step at a time. The event will feature a fun 3.8km walk along iconic attractions of Singapore as well as Harmony Garden, an  inspiring exhibition co-created with you, our supporters! We hope to build understanding and trust but most importantly, lasting friendships. Sign up with your loved ones and enjoy the beautiful sights of Singapore as the sun sets!



Come join us for an afternoon of fun and be part of GoFlyKite as we attempt to fly as many orange kites in the sky. Why orange? It represents the colour of togetherness. What’s more! You can design your own kites with positive messages to bring the community closer. All your kites will be showcased on the Orange Ribbon Walk 2017 event ground on 11th November.






In celebration of people who bring others together, we want to share the stories of those who have made a real difference in their own special ways. The Harmonymakers series will feature monochrome photographs of individuals holding an orange kite, a symbol of commitment to harmony. Coupled with their personal anecdotes of their experience, learning and passion, we hope this series will inspire you to act for harmony. 



Stories Of Advocates

Let’s hear from our advocates and partners about their personal driving factors, efforts, experiences and contributions that lead to building a more harmonious landscape in our little island. Through their experiences, we hope to inspire others to become advocates for the cause in turn building a larger community that will generate a louder voice for harmony where we can all rise against racism together.